Your thoughts

I’d like to hear what other people think about the Equality Act and discrimination law generally. Please post your thoughts below. This could be a problem you have come across in practice to which there doesn’t seem to be a sensible answer. It could (sharp intake of breath!) be a situation that the Equality Act has actually improved. Or just ask a question (but note – I am not giving anyone legal advice and and neither am I an agony aunt).

My hope is that this page will stimulate debate or prompt further topics for me to blog about. Feel free to link to discussions on your own or other people’s blogs or webpages.


2 Responses to Your thoughts

  1. Helen says:

    Hello there Mrs Markleham. I am a GDL student writing an essay about Employment Tribunal discrimination awards and I just wanted to say that after listening to some of the ridiculous comments of Christopher Chope MP in a debate on his compensation cap bill and reading a number of frankly rubbish articles it was refreshing to stumble across your sensible blog post on the matter!

  2. Ed Phelan says:

    I was reading up on some of the employment law changes coming in 2014 and really pleased to hear that finally men will have more paternity leave rights. It has been a long time coming! I found the updates in this guide, so thought I’d share it for anyone else curious! Flexible working changes are looking pretty good too.

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