Equality Act Resources

This page contains useful links on the Equality Act 2010. (Or I hope it does.)

The Equality Act

Equality Act 2010 (web version) and Explanatory notes (web version)

Equality Act 2010 (whole act, PDF) and Explanatory notes (PDF)

And if you wondered where picture on my blog comes from, it’s from the Government’s Equality Act Easy-Read Document, which shouldn’t be funny, but is. The picture is meant to illustrate ‘diversity’. Or something.

EHRC Codes of Practice

Tribunals must take these into account if they are relevant to the case.

Employment code of practice

Equal pay code of practice

Goods and services code of practice

EHRC page where these codes can be found.

EHRC Guidance

This has no statutory force, unlike the Codes. There are many different documents (some may say too many) all accessible under this link.

EHRC page with links to the guidance

Where has the old law gone?

See these destination tables from PLC Employment. If you are wondering what happened to the seafarers’ exemption in section 9 of the Race Relations Act 1976, or other obscure provisions, look no further…

My blog posts

All my rants categorized under “Equality Act” can be found here.


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