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Eweida: what it all means

I’ve been trying to work out what the ECtHR’s judgment in Eweida and others v United Kingdom means for UK discrimination law. I won’t spend time dissecting the judgment itself or the facts that have led up to it. This … Continue reading

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Actually, Eweida has a point but she’ll still lose today

Nadia Eweida has a point.

I’m not saying I agree with the way she has handled all this, nor with the “persecution of Christians” narrative with which she (and the religious groups that have funded her case) is now associated. But the EAT and the Court of Appeal made a hash job of deciding her case, and here’s why. Continue reading

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Making sense of the EHRC’s stance on religion

A few weeks ago I blogged about the rather bizarre sounding messages that were coming from the Equality and Human Rights Commission on the subject of religious freedoms at work. They said they intervene in 4 cases going to the … Continue reading

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Reasonable adjustments for religion: the EHRC explains all

Commission proposes ‘reasonable accommodation’ for religion or belief is needed That’s the headline of the EHRC press release from Tuesday this week, when it announced that it was going to intervene in 4 controversial cases currently before the European Court … Continue reading

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Why the court was right to rule against the Christian B&B owners who refused a double bed to a gay couple

On 18th January the Bristol County Court ruled in Hall & Preddy v Bull & Bull that Mr & Mrs Bull, the owners of a bed & breakfast in Cornwall, breached the Equality Act (Sexual Orientation) Regulations 2007 when they refused to allow two gay men, Mr Hall and Mr Preddy, to share a double room. The story received widespread press coverage, and I’ve had a few thoughts on the matter myself, so here they are. Continue reading

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