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Eweida: what it all means

I’ve been trying to work out what the ECtHR’s judgment in Eweida and others v United Kingdom means for UK discrimination law. I won’t spend time dissecting the judgment itself or the facts that have led up to it. This … Continue reading

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Capping discrimination damages? Much ado about nothing

Compensation payouts in discrimination cases have been in the news again in the last week, this time as a result of the government’s “red tape challenge” (in other words, the idea of abolishing anything that might conceivably inhibit growth). I … Continue reading

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Abolition of retirement age – a dog’s breakfast in the making (with apologies to any discerning canines)

It seems I’ve been beaten to it this morning. Darren Newman has got there before me and said much of what I was going to say about the draft regulations on the abolition of the default retirement age, which were … Continue reading

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Why the court was right to rule against the Christian B&B owners who refused a double bed to a gay couple

On 18th January the Bristol County Court ruled in Hall & Preddy v Bull & Bull that Mr & Mrs Bull, the owners of a bed & breakfast in Cornwall, breached the Equality Act (Sexual Orientation) Regulations 2007 when they refused to allow two gay men, Mr Hall and Mr Preddy, to share a double room. The story received widespread press coverage, and I’ve had a few thoughts on the matter myself, so here they are. Continue reading

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Pay “audits”: a win for Lynne Featherstone despite what anyone else says

“Coalition abandons compulsory audits of pay gap between men and women…. in a reversal of a Liberal Democrat manifesto pledge.” So claims the Guardian and numerous others, wringing their hands. But are they right? Has the Minister really abandoned her principles, six months into power? I humbly disagree. Continue reading

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How likely are you to get sued for discrimination? (Part 2)

As an employer your chance of winning a discrimination case at tribunal is significantly better than in any other type of tribunal case. Race discrimination is the hardest of any type of claim for an employee to prove – of all the race cases that went all the way to a hearing last year, the employer was exonerated in 84%. And the median award in most types of discrimination case was little more than in unfair dismissal cases, at around £5,000 – so half of all compensation awards were less than that. So why the panic? Continue reading

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How likely are you to get sued for discrimination?* (Part 1)

Actually I’m not going to answer that just yet. But I am going to ask, “Why is the Equality Act getting such bad mainstream PR”? Business lobbyists such as the British Chambers of Commerce have complained that it is ill-timed and will discourage job-creation – but if anything is likely to discourage job creation and lead to mass panic among employers it is the recent spate of misleading anti-Equality Act articles in the right-wing popular press.
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