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Woodcock: press reporting of employment law issues reaches a new low

It is hard to find a paragraph of the Telegraph’s report of Woodcock v Cumbria Primary Care Trust that is not hugely inaccurate, alarmist, and misleading. I should say now that the likely effect of this case on age discrimination or other areas of employment law is close to nil, and yet the Telegraph screams that the court has apparently sanctioned the sacking of older workers to save employers money “even though the practise is unlawful”. Continue reading

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Rowan Atkinson, Discrimination Law and Creative Free Expression (Or: The News Is Not Not the Nine O’Clock News)

Rowan Atkinson has recently spoken out (Telegraph, BBC) about the effect of discrimination laws on “creative free expression”, with reference to Miriam O’Reilly’s victory over the BBC in her recent age discrimination case. He seems to deplore this intrusion, as … Continue reading

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Abolition of retirement age – a dog’s breakfast in the making (with apologies to any discerning canines)

It seems I’ve been beaten to it this morning. Darren Newman has got there before me and said much of what I was going to say about the draft regulations on the abolition of the default retirement age, which were … Continue reading

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